Seizing the moment….

The ultimate blag (rather than blog!) was whilst wearing a press pass to The 2nd Dubai International Film Festival and being ushered along the red carpet under heavy film lighting. Camera bulbs started flashing.  I thought I’d better duck under the rope and be on the other side of the red carpet and found myself sandwiched between two film crews who were interviewing the imported Hollywood guests live on TV. I found myself face to face with Morgan Freeman swiftly followed by mighty Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne)….they looked at me expectantly and I muttered something pretty lame like ‘Welcome to Dubai’. I was wearing a kaftan and slippers, having ‘nipped’ over to the Madinat after tea to see what was going on!

Other favourite Dubai moments would be seeing the Burj al Arab in the early morning mist, captured here, or at sunset. Possibly the best activities here over the last 20 years involved driving across the Oman Border beyond Al Ain and trekking in the Buraimi area…the famous ‘hanging gardens’ and ascending (and descending) the Devil’s Chimney. Gruelling treks but phenomenal scenery and good company. Other highlights would include boarding the HMS Illustrious at Port Rashid in 2000 with the newly formed Camel Colony Beaver Scouts.

Sometimes overcome by shyness (unusal for an Arian) I dare myself to approach famous people for a photograph with them…here are a few victims!


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