An audio snippet from ‘The Dragon’s Pram’. #rolodogblog


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A snippet from The Dragon’s Pram book 3 chapter 4. Chickpea and Rolo have to solve a problem by working together!

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Rolo and the baby badgers

Here is an extract from book 2 The Chilvester Passage. Rolo is tasked with saving the baby badgers!

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Prologue from book 2

Listen to the Prologue from book 2 The Chilvester Passage. See to find out how to buy the books and for more audio recordings.

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‘This is Rolo…he time travels’



looking for  Athelstan

photo 4

People are always talking to me when I am out with Rolo. Or rather I should say, they are always talking to Rolo. I am ignored. Patting the dog, without looking up, they always ask, ‘who’s this then?’ If Rolo were to reply he would probably say ‘The smiley lady, she’s bonkers’ but I always respond, ‘this is Rolo…he time-travels’.

When a friend witnessed this introduction with its Bridget Jones style of ‘saying-something-interesting-when-you-are-introducing-someone-so-they-remember-the-name’, she observed that some people say ‘really?’ and look up, waiting to be further enlightened. This of course gives me an opportunity to launch forth about The Secret Adventures of Rolo, with a hint of a sales pitch. Some, however, just walk by probably thinking ‘that woman is off her trolley!’ Which leads me to concur that Rolo really is wiser than the average rescue Jack Russell.

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Greetings to all 2 legged readers on #WorldBookDay #rolodogblog


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@WessexPrimary bet you didn’t realise #rolodogblog was at your school today 🐶🐾


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