Church cleaning and solitude  

   Today was my first ‘go’ at cleaning my dear little church. There is a very organised rota and some people have been cleaning the house of The Lord for years. If we all take it in turns it’s only once or twice a year. 

My usual method of housework is sweeping the room with a glance having lived overseas for 20 years but God provides dusters, polish and a Hoover. 

There is something wonderfully calming being amongst ancient cool stonework. I am slightly in awe of the beauty of the Minton tiles lit by coloured sunlight which is pouring through the stained glass window by the altar. How many worshippers have knelt at the brass communion rail? Quite a few in the last week judging by the fingerprints! I remember my mother cleaning another church in my childhood; the Mothers Union rota. She will be smiling down to see me wielding a duster.

My work is done. Mental note to self to take my trusty Ewbank for the carpet next time it’s my turn.

Time for contemplation and prayer and yes, I sweep the nave with a glance as I leave quiet as a church mouse.  

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According to Rolo. Fantasy adventure series of books. For children and adults. Life as seen through the eyes of a time travelling, blogging, nature loving rescued dog

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Rolo goes to Cusworth Hall

photo (44)

photo (46)

photo (47)

photo (48)

photo (49)

photo (50)

photo (51)

photo (52)

I love a Yorkshire accent. I’m in my element in Doncaster and keep talking to strangers just to hear them. I’m still looking for Sean Bean, They are all very friendly and everyone loves Rolo!
What a wonderful walk we had at lunchtime today around Cusworth Hall. Too many squirrels though and they all seemed to be laughing at Rolo who just couldn’t reach them! Found a tree with a massive hole in it – definitely inspiration for an adventure story! Lovely schools visited today and all welcomed Rolo.

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Rolo comes to Doncaster!

Rolo meets an owl at the Dell Cafe Hexthorpe park

Rolo meets an owl at the Dell Cafe Hexthorpe park

2014-11-25 13.36.04

2014-11-25 13.41.01

2014-11-25 13.47.56

2014-11-25 14.33.38

2014-11-25 14.33.46

photo (40)

photo (41)

photo (42)

photo (43)

photo (40)

photo (41)

photo (42)

photo (43)

Well here we are in Doncaster. We’ve come north to South Yorkshire to spread the word about Rolo’s Secret Adventures, invited by the Doncaster Book Awards, and hopefully we are inspiring school children to write their own fantasy stories. Today we visited Owston Park primary, Hexthorpe and Hayfield Lane. Tomorrow it’s Mexborough, Barnburgh Primary and Scawsby Saltersgate and Thursday it’s Crookesbroom and Long Toft.

I don’t know how Rolo feels about sharing a room with me, but I find myself shushing him quite a few times in the night as he can hear movement in other rooms around where we are staying and he is very protective of me. I’m sure no-one wants to hear from him in the night! We’ve had some lovely walks around Lakeside and found the old Doncaster airfield (now a museum.) Delicious soup for lunch in the Dell Cafe on the edge of the beautiful Hexthorpe Park. Talking to a local, I discovered that the park used to be a popular wedding venue in the 1950s. What I love about Doncaster is how friendly everyone is. I’ve spoken to many people (Rolo is a bit of a magnet!) and we feel very welcome here.

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Rolo presents prizes at Hungerford Literary Festival

2014-10-18 10.38.54

2014-10-18 10.39.48

2014-10-18 10.47.20

2014-10-18 10.54.02

Rolo spent Saturday morning at Hungerford Library meeting new fans and presenting prizes to children who had entered the writing competition sponsored by Hungerford Book Shop. Debi explained how Rolo wrote both of the books ‘The Secret Adventures of Rolo’ himself and why he appears so tired during the day – because he is out adventuring via a time tunnel found in Athelstan’s oak tree on Savernake Forest by night! He is very proud of his second adventure book called The Chilvester Passage which is just out.

The quality of the 30 entries for the children’s writing competition was very good and made judging difficult. The brief was to write a poem or beginning of a story with the words ‘The mist was rising. I was lost.’

Rolo was slightly annoyed that he didn’t get to meet Kate Adie at the speaker’s reception in The Corn Exchange last night. He would have regaled her with his own battle stories. Debi had a wonderful chat with the venerable broadcaster, reminiscing about time spent in Dubai.

The third Hungerford Literary Festival is running until 22 October.

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Mmmmm more biscuits at bake sale. #Rolodogblog approves!


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