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@StGPreshute @debievans7 #rolodogblog Rolo supervising clean up🐶 http://t.co/GJRoWnFhlx

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#rolodogblog #stgeorgesopenhouse at the clean up today🐶😄 http://t.co/gOlm0wzWEq

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St George’s Churchyard clean up

  Rolo has his eye on  the promised sausage lunch. 
  Waiting patiently  
  Reading the gravestones 

 Rolo and I joined a team of some 20 parishioners today for the  twice yearly clear up of the churchyard. Our  job was to test the gravestones for dangerous wobbling and yes we found a couple. Lots of clearing of ivy yew and overhanging branches and endless wheelbarrow runs to the heap and a new gravel path laid. A fabulous team effort and luckily finished in time for the rugby as Rolo will be supporting his native Wales!

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Here Debi Evans reads the prologue of her new book The Secret Adventures of Rolo book 3 The Dragon’s Pram


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More log clearance from Rolo

His daily ritual – clearing sticks from the weir. We surprised a grey heron this morning, and a squirrel pelted him with Cobb nuts! It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it :D 


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