Rolo the paparazzi pupsey

January 4, 2018 at 5:09 pm Leave a comment

So we drove to Cheltenham Film Studios this morning.

‘Too old to be a Bond girl but maybe Miss Moneypenny’ I mused, then remembered it wasn’t about me – Rolo had been called to a photoshoot for a dog food brand – can’t tell you which one yet or will have to shoot you – well we were very near GCHQ!

‘Has your dog been filmed before?’ asked supercool Bradd from
‘No but he time travels and is often papped by newspapers at book signings’ I replied. He probably thought I was joking.

wait for it...

wait for it…

Rolo in action

…and ACTION!

Rolo behaved like an absolute pro, jumping over string to order to get to the sausage. I saw fabulous photos of him in mid-flight, captured by prone cameraman Jim, and transmitted as a sequence to a laptop. My little JRT jumped so high he could have cleared Beechers Brook at the Grand National! I have never seen his face in HD before and only up close does his slight greying around his neck give away his age (approximately 8 years old).

We were a bit worried that Rolo might look too young – he was after all modelling a ‘senior’ dog (7 plus) anticipating his dinner, but I think his natural charm won the team over – Rolo’s trademark ‘one ear up and one ear down’ was very much in evidence. He didn’t put a paw wrong throughout our session and when the next canine model was brought in for the ‘puppy’ shot he was a perfect gentleman – the baby JRT was only 10 weeks old and whimpered affectionately trying to get to Rolo. ‘Good luck with getting HIM to jump over hurdles!’ I thought.

We thoroughly enjoyed our two hour photo shoot and I was exhausted afterwards, having drunk coffee, cut up sausages and eaten tasty provided lunch. Skylark, Sunhouse and their secret client were perfect hosts. Thank you for the invitation.

Rolo didn’t want to leave the studio. He loved all the attention and you’ll have to wait till at least Summer to see which brand he might be gracing. Meanwhile I shall wait for the call from Mr Spielberg. Never mind me for Ms Moneypenny, Rolo for the next Bond? Fee negotiable. Now there’s a thought…

Rolo resting between takes

where’s my trailer?

Rolo drinking

so many sausages…I need a drink!


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