Guess who’s back from his holiday

April 11, 2014 at 7:16 pm Leave a comment

Well did ya miss me?! Spent the week with a golden retriever having lots of fun on new territory whilst the smiley lady went to Crete. Not much of a tan! I think she missed me though.

Great to be back on my territory… There’s a lapwing on the now ploughed field..the distinctive cry of ‘pee-wit’ and the aerial acrobatics! Blossoms out in the hedgerow.

This afternoon we planted some veg seeds in the strange dirt boxes in the back garden. I wanted to help with the covering with soil but she kept shouting at me and has wrapped the boxes in cling film and netting. I will be very surprised if anything grows! Oh and apparently she doesn’t want me watering it.




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#rolodogblog #briskwalk #springiscoming ?! #walkies🐾 mind you don’t fall in #rolodogblog ! #jrtofinstagram #rolodogblog big #walkies🐾 today #buscotweir and fab lunch #buscottearoom soared a bit of my excellent sausage baguette for himself! #rolodogblog #walkies #snowmelt #springsunshine #rolodogblog is very excited that we have #moresnow ⛄️❄️ Look who’s home! #rolodogblog had a lovely holiday with his pals but now he’s back with the smile lady 😍🐶🐾

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