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How cathartic does it feel to have done an early December Spring-clean? I have been hoarding second hand books on all manner of subjects, since I was about 18. My obsession began with a handful of c1840s Punch volumes…shredding leather and rusty dust at every handling but I secured the 6 volumes for £2 at a market, loving the idea of the stories they could tell. I added a few volumes of the Spectator c1750 and then found I couldn’t walk past an ‘old book’ shop or car boot or market stall without adding to my collection. 3 decades on, I have decided to weed them out. I’m hanging on to my history of art books and a few favourites; Cassels Book of the household – I have 3 out of 4 volumes of Edwardian social skills and domestic tips; various Edward VIII and George V and VI royal yearbooks; Wayside and Woodland blossoms c1899 (invariable for nature reference)…but the rest, the nice man from Dominic Winters (book auctioneers, South Cerney) tells me are worthless. One book in the whole collection is worth around £50 and that’s a very nice edition of Byrons poetry, leather bound and shining in gilt..he advised me not to ‘donate’ that. I have delivered the rest (about 5 boxes) to Oxfam Books in Marlborough who received them with open arms. I will try to sell the Biggles hard back collection (c1960s) and the Spectators on ebay but must admit its very cleansing to have emptied the box room of the musty tomes of popular editions of Dickens, Goldsmith, Trollope, etc etc….next to donate all those paperbacks!


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