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Rolo here. Well it’s been a while peeps….something funny happened this morning. Mummy dropped a jar of marmite and it hit the kitchen floor. Hard. Shattered. Mummy and the jar. I tried to lick it up but Mummy put me outside because their was glass in it. Funny stuff – love it or hate it – I guess I love it but then I eat anything – I’m a Jack Russell!

Saturday morning is special as Mummy and I walk down to the High Street. I like going past Greggs as there are invariably bits of sausage roll and other crumbs on the pavement. People are messy eaters. Ditto the sorting office in Hughendon Yard as that’s where the posties eat their snacks and drop stuff for me to hoover up. Maybe I could get a job with Wiltshire Council? Everyone talks to me in the High Street and I had the whole Building Society queue in fits of laughter as I peered anxiously into the bank looking for mummy as she tied me up outside and I kept seeing her appearing and disappearing as the automatic door opened and closed. She was longer than 5 minutes so I howled. And then everyone on the market laughed because I greeted her like she’d been away for 3 weeks not just 7 minutes. But what do you expect? I’m a rescued dog.

I love the changing of the season from Summer to Autumn…for one thing there are radiators to snuggle up to and I seem to sleep more at this time of year as mummy and the floppy haired boy fight over me for a cuddle. I even get tucked up in a blanket in my doggy bed at night. I like bedtime – after I’ve been out for a quick bark round the garden of course, to make sure there are no pesky cats or pigeons. I sleep in a bit longer as well because it doesn’t get light quite so early…anyway mummy made a blackout curtain for my bedroom. Great walks at this time of year too…these were taken yesterday at Caen Hill locks, Devizes.


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