somethin’ big is goin’ down

December 21, 2012 at 1:23 am 1 comment

onyxDecember 009Hello everyone, Rolo here. Sorry I’ve been a bit too preoccupied to blog lately…the boy with floppy hair’s brother came to stay carrying a mysterious box. I thought it was an Xmas present for me, but it got whisked upstairs and the stair gate firmly closed. I spent a few days listening from the top of the stairs and swear I can detect some sought of life behind the door which is always closed. Then some of Mummy’s friends came to stay and there was a huge operation to shut me out in the garden whilst the box was transported to the conservatory. The floppy haired boy built some kind of playground out there with palletts and I still couldn’t quite work out what it was out there. Then it broke for freedom and made it over the playground wall, still in the conservatory but with its nose pressed up against the glass staring into the lounge…A RABBIT!!!!!! all my Christmasses have surely come at once!!!!! But they won’t let me out there to play with it, so I sit behind the curtains with my head on one side, blowing at the patio door as if I can magically will the rabbit this side of the glass. Today the guests all left….just me and the floppy haired boy, mummy and the rabbit, which is now back upstairs behind the door. I took up my position at the top of the stairs, restrained only by the stare gate (as it has been rechristened). The floppy haired boy had a brainwave to move the gate down stairs so now I can only sit on the bottom step very quietly and wonder what kind of party the three of them are having up there without me…..let the jack russell see the rabbit…
n.b. from mummy ‘if the rabbit is still alive by 5 Jan it will be a miracle’.


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