Rolo shopping in Devizes

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Albany Road 019

Mummy’s friend, the jolly lady who loves jack russells is back in town! Mummy had a girly day lunching, chatting and shopping in Devizes and naturally I was dragged along. Lots of interesting walls and lamposts to sniff, and a market to explore and all was going well until I got tied to a post and left outside Wilkinsons for a little while. I know it’s not manly or big but I cried. A lot. And when Mummy came out to release me whilst the jolly lady was still at the till, I seized my chance; slipped my lead and went inside. Oooooh it was exciting! I dodged around the hardware store and everyone was smiling and laughing and Mummy was running round like a demented woman waving the lead and trying to catch me, in this ‘no dogs allowed’ shop. The staff were lovely and friendly and eventually I ran up to Mummy’s jolly friend and I was once again on the lead. We went into a lovely new antique shop owned by a lovely friendly man called Paul who has a jack russell alas not in the shop at that moment. We then went into another lovely dog friendly shop and met Julian and Mummy bought me the Rolls Royce of dog beds…a big wicker basket on feet to keep me off the tiled kitchen floor. It’s very regal and I feel very special indeed! Then we went to The Bear Hotel for lunch and I was allowed in the Market Bar so whilst Mummy and the Jolly lady chatted and chatted and chatted I sat quietly under the table and met a poodle in a coat, then a small jack russell. I made polite conversation and was admired greatly. Because I was such a good boy Mummy slipped a bit of turkey under the table. Mmmmmm I’m looking forward to Christmas! The boy with floppy hair has taught me a dance Gangnam Style…or should that be Rolo style? I think he wants to go on Britains Got Talent. Dancing Dog? who’d have thought it? Watch out for the video clip haha.


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