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I may be a very intelligent Jack Russell but I am a tad confused….the lady (now known as Mum as she’s kept me nearly 3 months now without returning me to the dog’s home)calls me Rolo…her dear old Dad calls me Polo (‘I knew it was a tube of sweets’) and the boy with floppy hair now calls me YOLO (only teenagers will know what that means!) So basically I answer to anything -olo and definitely not Ronnie which is the name I came with along with the yellow lead, tag and harness.

Now for a prickly problem….
I seem to be a bit of a hedgehog magnet. Not sure what this is all about but I’ve found 5 in the last month and none of them want to play. They curl up tightly in a ball and I keep jabbing them with my nose and whining but won’t DO anything! It’s got to the point now (no pun intended) where I am not allowed off the lead at night on the field because I ALWAYS find one. Good to know hedgehogs are alive and well and living in Wiltshire!

An unusual day yesterday for a small dog….dropping the car in to be serviced and transferring to another car then an hour and a half in the car (confusingly also called a Polo) to Heathrow to drop someone off and then a couple of hours spent at Barbury Castle Hill Fort waiting for the car to be ready….Mum and I had a blustery walk around the top of the chalk ridges (it always blows a gale up there)…surprised to see so many wild flowers out – so late this year. We sat on the ridge and watched the storm clouds gathering…and yes it poured! Back to the VW garage and I was a very good boy sitting on Mum’s lap in the waiting area of the showroom whilst she drank coffee and everyone admired me. Then she fainted at the cost of the service/MOT bill! Mum did laugh at the rolling sign for VW products which every 6th sentence said ‘help yourself to tea and coffee and relax’ and at the bottom of the frame it said ‘terms and conditions apply’.

Today Mum’s made chutney….the smell has brought the wasps in….I’m trying to catch one in my mouth to see what the buzzing feels like…Mum is going crazy trying to stop me…..I have a sneaky suspicion I’m home alone tonight as she’s just taken me for a long walk…she and the floppy haired boy are off to a house with CATS. Oh I wish they would take me…..ah well, perhaps I can persuade a hedgehog indoors to play…I could hide it until they’ve gone out….


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Giffords Circus – what a treat! Rolo on hols

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