Romping the Downs, missing a bunny and exploring the forest

July 12, 2012 at 9:58 pm Leave a comment

Whew, I had no idea my life could get any more exciting!
At the weekend the lady and her mad friend took me romping on the Downs at Pewsey Vale – wow it was such good fun! there were hares to chase, wild flowers to sniff and rabbit holes to explore (although the lady kept grabbing my harness to stop me disappearing). Then a cleansing ale in The Barge at Alton Barnes (well not me!) and home to watch Wimbledon final. The lady was crying with Andy Murray, Not sure why. They all had a big roast dinner and I hoovered up the dining room carpet.

The ladies other son arrived home for a few days with his friend and brought a house rabbit. I only know this because I’ve heard them talking about a little bunny called Onyx. I went out for a walk and it seems it got smuggled upstairs. I’ve not smelt it or seen it but I just have a feeling there’s something going on beyond the stairgate. The lady keeps quoting ‘Finding Nemo’ at me – ‘friends not food’ and she is really nervous about us meeting for some reason. Everyone is hysterically shutting the gate almost before they go through it.

The fields beyond the track along our usual wheatfield walk have turned blue. Its awesome! I’m trying very hard to come when called but its difficult when I’m following a scent. I polished off a tub of sour cream when no one was looking and was nearly sick but managed to just about hold it together. The previous night the boys gave me a half eaten corn on the cob and I ate the husk. The lady was cross with them as she’s quite strict with me (she doesn’t know I polished off a piece of River cottage recipe Banana Chocolate Cardamom Loaf when she wasn’t looking. Am such a greedy dog with puppy eyes.

Today we explored Savernake forest – oooh it was so exciting – so many doggies to greet with tail wagging and bottom sniffing and sometimes even kissing! Deer tracks to follow…ancient trees to hide in…wow what an amazing place! The boy said the tree stumps shaped like rocket ships were just the same and still fun to climb even at 19!

Am exhausted and pretending to sleep but have an ear up as the lady is about to serve dinner….ever hopeful….


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Rolo takes to water updates from Polo (aka Rolo)

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