Raining cats and dogs but mainly dogs

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The lady was told that Jack Russells don’t like rain…what a load of old tosh..it washes the wheatfield track clean and everything smells fresh out there. I don’t think the lady minds it too much either – she’s got a black plastic raincoat with luminous flashes that makes her look like a firewoman. I heard her saying she bought it in Sweden a few years ago when caught out by inclement summer weather when the floppy haired boy was playing in a football tournament. We don’t seem to meet any other dogs or their owners though. The lady said to me if we waited for it to stop raining I’d be crossing my legs all week! We have a right little pantomime when we return from a wet walk…she carries me in a towel to the utility room, shuts herself in with me and then attacks me with the towel. When I am finally released from the ‘wet’ room I wipe myself all round the newly covered green and blue setees. She doesn’t seem to like this and keeps shutting the lounge doors. Spoilsport as I can’t sit on the back of the setee in the window…my favourite perch. Haha She thought she was going to sit and watch Wimbledon all afternoon but that doesn’t look too likely. She’s changed all the beds but can’t dry the washing – silly lady!

I met Nanny and Grandad last week (well thats what the floppy haired boy calls them so I will too). I was very good and didn’t wee up their curtains nor dig their garden and Nanny gave me an all butter shortbread biscuit. I hope I see them on a regular basis! I see the lady has put some dog biscuits in a pot to take to Nanny’s though…how disappointing.

Have to confess I was a bit naughty yesterday. Went for a long walk with the lady and kept her in sight and came back every time she called me. She bought a dog whistle, figuring it carries further in a wheatfield than the human voice. She’s right and the little booklet tells here different sounds can encourage me to sit at a distance, come, stay etc….blimey she’ll have me rounding up sheep next! She’s been training me to come when called with the aid of a smear of cheese triangle on a rubber chicken leg (oh pleeeeeease!… she says Waitrose don’t do Primula cheese in tubes which is what they use at Dogs Trust). Anyway I went along with it all…and then got a bit overexcited when we got back to the big field at the end of the big walk and I suddenly remembered the flat cats in the garden down the alleyway and took off, before the lady had reattached the lead where she usually does. In my defence I completely ignored the flat cats (I now know they’re not real) and instead explored every front garden and gate in the cul-de-sac. The lady was a comical sight furiously whispering ‘Rolo’, not wanting to use the whistle as it was only 7.30 on Sunday morning. I got firmly told off and shut in the kitchen on our return home but we made up later. We’ve had lots of long walks, the lady and I…trouble is she gets as tired as I do and sometimes we both stretch out in the conservatory. Not good because she’s supposed to be getting on with Book 6 and I like it when she writes as I sleep at her feet in the ‘office’. (A room filled with dragons).

Just now the postman came (enemy no. 2 after nextdoors cat) and he poked a soft parcel through the letter box. I thought I’d help and managed to pull it through for the lady. I’m so clever.

Hoping for an evening at the Cricket Club watching the floppy haired boy but the lady keeps looking out the window and tutting…not sure the match will be on.


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DBW and meeting grandad Rolo takes to water

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