DBW and meeting grandad

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I love cricket! The lady doesn’t let me off the lead but I sit quietly with her and watch 22 floppy haired boys in their whites and listen to the thwack of leather on willow. Lovely summer pastime!I can even pick out my boy when he’s got a borrowed helmet and pads on. The only time I barked in two and a half hours, was when a golden retriever started playing with a frisbee on the far side of the pitch…I sooooo wanted to join in, but the lady wouldn’t let me off the lead. Meanie! Instead she took me for a walk behind the sight screen so I couldn’t see the frisbee.

I now know what was in the big box….a stairgate….the lady is pleased as she doesn’t have to climb over boxes anymore.

This morning I sat in the car for a couple of hours listening to Radio 2 (I like Pop Master) whilst the lady took me to visit her dad (known to me and the floppy haired boy as ‘grandad’). She took him dinner in a basket. It wasn’t dog food and there was none for me but I don’t beg. She took my brown fleece so I knew we were going to sit for a while. I thought it would be impolite to sniff round the flat so I was a very good boy and even sat on grandad’s lap for a cuddle. He seemed very pleased to meet me. The lady says we will go again next week. Better than being left at home. There was a great Common to explore and the lady said she used to play on there when she was a puppy. I came back when she called me. I know where my bread is being buttered. Then the long drive home and more Radio 2. Tomorrow I am apparantly meeting another Nanny and Grandad. Not so far to drive the lady said. The floppy haired boy came in from school and ignored me, immediately reaching for his laptop. I wasn’t having any of that! (see photo)

By the way, the title means Dog Before Wicket and Marlborough CC beat Collingbourne CC soundly and my boy scored 19 (hitting 3 fours and its only his 2nd match!)


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According to Rolo…Mantonfest and swim Raining cats and dogs but mainly dogs

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