According to Rolo…Mantonfest and swim

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Saturday 23 June was quite a dry day and I had some lovely walks, quite confidently off the lead now over the fields towards Barton Farm. Crossing the wheatfield I always stay at my lady’s heel because I can’t see over the swishy swashy and its a bit scary – other than that I’m always out in front with my white flag flying…and I nearly always come back when called…..Funnily enough they always put me back on the lead before I have the chance to bolt down the alley from the field and flatten the other metal cat (by the way the other one is still lying flat on the grass!)Just when I thought I’d had all my exercise for the day it started raining…seriously raining…cats and dogs even! and I was surprised to find myself harnessed and on the lead and out the door…down to Manton and a big field for Mantonfest. My lady was saying what a marvellous community event to raise money for the new village hall…and people turned out to see the many local performers…despite the inclement weather. At 7pm Marlborough Community Choir took to the stage and I watched my lady sing. I decided not to join in though, and enjoyed my first festival, despite the mud. There were other dogs to play with and people kept feeding me bits of burger so all in all it was quite good fun even though I was firmly tethered.
On Sunday I had a paddle and a drink from the River Kennet and discovered I quite like water. Next day I went in for a swim (or, as you would say, doggy paddle).
This morning was quite exciting as my lady took me to meet her jolly friend and while they were having a good old chinwag as we walked along the towpath at Devizes, I saw a couple of men in canoes and thought I would race them. I ran as fast as I could along the tow path, under the bridge and out of sight and I just couldn’t help myself; I decided to jump in for a swim. Afterwards my lady told me off because she was panicking inwardly about me not being able to get out and she so didn’t want to get in the canal to save me, but casual as you like I pulled myself up the steep bank and had a good shake dry. (She was visualising ringing Dogs Trust and saying ‘can I have another dog please, I’ve lost this one’). No harm done though. Will probably do it again.

Hmmmmm an ominous looking parcel arrived by white van….I have a feeling its something to do with me. The lady is waiting for the floppy haired boy to come home from school to fix it. Its propped up against the boxes at the bottom of the stairs….watch this space….

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