greetings from the dog house

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Well I’ve been been in my new home for a week now and yesterday Dogs Trust rang to see how I was getting on. The floppy haired boy said I was a good boy but wouldn’t let me speak to them. Some funny things happened this week….the lady took me for a nice walk down to Town and up on the common via a lane. There was no pavement so we walked on the road. The lady heard a van coming up the road so she held me tightly and made me sit. The engine came closer and closer but still we couldn’t see it…I realised long before the lady did, that it was in fact a tractor behind the hedge running parralel to the road. I decided to humour her. She cottoned on eventually.

The lady and the boy played ‘fetch’ with me in the hallway. They seemed surprised I knew ‘fetch’ and ‘drop’…of course I do!!!

Finally I was let off the lead! The lady and the boy took me up on the green and threw a ball for me. Well it was way to exciting to chase a silly ball so I ran round and round in circles and kept coming back to them. Then it started raining and we came home, once more on a lead. They seemed pleased. The next day the lady and her friend took me for a really long walk up on the downs and I was off the lead for about an hour. I watched them out of the corner of my eye and when we got to long grass well that’s the only time you’ll catch me walking closely to heel. I can’t see over the long grass – its a bit swishy swashy and a bit scary. I had a lovely time running along hedgerows and came back when they called me – I never let them get too far ahead – even when they hid! When the floppy haired boy came home from school he took me over to the green with the tennis ball launcher. He let me off the lead and was really really cross when I ran all the way home….I was told off and ignored for a bit. I seemed to have blotted my copybook. Later that evening, the lady took me up on the green and let me off the lead…I remembered seeing 2 black flat cats with twinkling eyes, on the front lawn guarding a house near the alley way on the route to the green. I ran as fast as I could and knocked over one of the cats – amazing – if tell right over! Then I ran and hid behind a bush. The lady found me and was very cross indeed. I bet the owners of the house are wondering why one of their cast iron cats is uprooted and lying facedown on the grass. Course I knew they weren’t real…I was just pretending….
Anyway I got put to bed very firmly and told off for running away…not sure when I’ll be let off the lead again but am thinking it won’t be on the green for a while….

The floppy haired boy wasn’t feeling too well and stayed home yesterday. I snuggled up to him and kept him warm.

Tonight they are taking me to a music festival….should be interesting. I’ll try not to howl when the lady sings….


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