Dog before Wicket…..According to Rolo

June 20, 2012 at 6:02 pm Leave a comment

well here I am at Potterne Cricket Club…very obliging built at the end of a dog walking lane. Lots of friendly dogs here – everyone wanted to sniff my bottom as I was the new dog on the field.Extraordinary! Saw my floppy haired teenager though was annoyed to have missed his wicket taking…bit disappointed not to have been allowed to help field but the lady kept me on a short leash. Marlborough CC U15s won anyway so we were all pleased. We even got home in time to see England’s 2nd half…

This morning was very exciting for me as the lady woke me at 0400 and let me out in the garden for 5 minutes run around and then shut me back in the kitchen. Sigh…back to bed then. She was doing an airport run whatever that is …don’t think its some kind of exciting exercise and I wasn’t invited. The half asleep floppy haired boy slipped my harness and lead on at 0700 and took me out for a walk and a whizz and gave me breakfast – thats a first! On our way home the lady’s car appeared in the drive and out jumped a very bubbly red head…(not a setter). She didn’t know whether to greet me or the floppy haired boy first – he got 2 air kisses and I just got ruffled and patted. I gather from the lady we will see her for lots of jolly walks in the Summer. She has a Jack Russell of her own who is old enough to be my grandad. Alas he lives in a far away place…but I can tell this jolly lady likes me!! Sucked her right in….

A car journey and a lovely walk through swishy grass and mud afterwards…and a new and very enclosed garden to explore. The birds in the hedges are a bit bloomin noisy though – don’t know why they keep shrieking when I stand on my back legs and peer through the leaves. Followed some deer tracks and nearly had a squirrel! Nodded off in the car in my little tent on the way home and would have continued sleeping but the lady opened the patio door and I saw arch enemy next doors cat in MY garden. Had to see it off, even if I did trample all over the lady’s newly planted lettuce seedlings in my pursuit and flattened the silly little border fence of the attempted alpine garden. Oh well…


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My first weekend…by Rolo greetings from the dog house

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