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June 16, 2012 at 12:58 pm 2 comments

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Humans say I am a neat little boy of around 2 years….A tri coloured Jack Russell. Well I am mainly white with black patches and a toffee coloured face. I have a small beauty spot on my back and a very waggy tail. My life to date has been a bit chequered. I started life in Wales and went to Dogs Trust when the humans moved into rented accommodation and couldn’t look after me. Then I spent 6 months with an elderly gentleman who didn’t really understand my needs…I wanted lots of walks and cuddles. I was called Ronnie but didn’t answer to it.

Last weekend a lady and a teenage boy came to Dogs Trust and took my next door neighbour Moyles out for a walk. He kept jumping up and biting the lead. That’s not how to hook them in! All the other preloved dogs started barking trying to get attention. I sat quietly in my pen, and sure enough they picked me. We went for a walk round the big field. I sat on both their laps when we stopped playing. I think they liked me.

The next day the lady came back and we spent another hour together….I showed off a bit when other Dogs Trust dogs were being ‘tried out’ on walks in the big field. My bad. Hope I didn’t put her off. Phew, next day she came back with a talk dark haired young man and he took me for a walk round the big field. When he sat down I sat on his lap. Good move I thought.

Then yesterday I saw the vet. I knew something was up. After ‘visiting time’ the lady came back for me and having signed some papers she put me in a black tent like thing in the back of her car. I didn’t make a fuss but went along with it. She talked to me all the way home and called me Rolo. I guess thats my new name then.

When we got home, 3 teenage boys in school uniform were peering out from the window and seemed very excited to see me. I growled a little then recognised the boy with the floppy hair. They took me in the back garden and played with me whilst I explored. There are a couple of stone dragons – great weeing posts! – then I saw a cat and my joy was complete. Shame it didn’t hang around to play.

Then I explored the house. There were lots of doors downstairs and I trotted round and round. In the kitchen I found a dog bed in the corner with a cuddly toy. It was just my size. I hopped in as it looked so inviting. The lady was really pleased. I went to explore upstairs – a huge effort for little legs let me tell you! but the doors were shut. Boring really. Next time I tried to go up there I found a barricade of boxes…oh well. Makes me laugh to see the lady trying to climb over them though!

I ate my dinner and the humans ate theirs. I think I’m well in here. The lady took me out for a walk  over the fields and we met a dog not on a lead and I wasn’t feeling friendly. I cuddled up on her lap all evening and we watched the football. To my surprise at 10pm she shut me in the kitchen. I whinned a bit then worked out that she’d probably crossed the barricade and gone upstairs to the Forbidden Territory and was no doubt behind one of those closed doors. She reappeared however at 0700 and let me out into the garden, No cat there this time. Then we breakfasted together and she told me she was going out for ten minutes to get a newspaper. When she opened the front door I nipped outside and she panicked and called ‘ROLO!’ I decided it was probably best to go back indoors and wait. She locked the door and went off in the car. 5 minutes later she was back – I saw her coming because I was perched on top of the sofa back, in the window. I had a great view from here and she seemed to be laughing. Then she took me out for a nice long walk over the fields and although I’m still on the lead there were many scents in the long grass to explore. We met Jasper, a neighbouring spaniel. I hope we will be friends…but not quite yet! I also met a black lab whom I liked very much. The lady seemed pleased.

The lady is sat in her office at the computer. I jumped on her lap but its not very comfortable whilst she’s typing so she put me on the floor and am so tired am stretched out full length like a rug, face down by her feet. No doubt more later. It’s a dog’s life.


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new addition to the Marlborough branch of the Evans family My first weekend…by Rolo

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  • 1. Sally  |  June 16, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    Rolo – I can’t wait to meet you. Hope we can meet up in August. I hope you can sit on my lap 🙂


    • 2. debievans  |  June 16, 2012 at 3:32 pm

      can’t wait…and yes I will!!



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