Boondoggle in Bradford on Avon

February 17, 2012 at 12:57 am Leave a comment

Today I earned extra points with my son and his friends. Being half term, I drove them to Midsomer Norton (yes it is a real place not just fiction!) because it is the most ‘wickid skate park’. This is an hour or so from home. I dropped them off with fodder (they are teenagers) and drove 10 miles to Bradford on Avon for a lovely walk along the canal and a pint of something I’d never heard of but loved (see photo below). Lots of Rosie and Jim boats which prompted the daydream…live on a canal boat 9 months of the year pottering around this countries waterways and then moor up for 3 months and fly to sunnier climes….minimalist living! Also need a dog…..

Bit of a drama on the way back to pick the lads up – my bonnet starting belching smoke at temporary traffic lights in Radstock. The lights changed and I was too scared to move! Three lovely builders came to my rescue – stopped the traffic, pushed the car off the road, opened the bonnet, analysed the problem (oil cap had come loose and oil burning on the hot engine), checked to make sure I had enough oil to get home and reassured me. All done with kind words and lovely smiles. (Disguising their probable thoughts that the silly woman didn’t even know how to open the bonnet!) Heroes are alive and well and flexing their muscles in their hard hats, flourescent jackets and sexy boots  on a building site in Radstock. (Not that I noticed what they looked like in my distress hahahaha!)

Boys didn’t notice I was a bit late and looked flushed lol.


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