Heathrow lost bag woes

November 3, 2011 at 9:01 pm 2 comments

Helpful hooks on the back of luggage trolleys should be removed! More losses of luggage occur due to that little gadget than anywhere else in the airport I reckon. My son unfortunately left his backpack on said hook in the short stay car park at Heathrow’s terminal 3 and we were 2 junctions down the M4 before he realised. Returning immediately to the location of the returned trolley (bay E, level 1)…20 minutes after leaving the scene we found lots of trollies but no bag. Went immediately to Heathrow’s Information Desk who sent us to ‘Left Baggage’ on ground floor as that is where most items are initially handed in. They told us it takes 24 hours to reach them and then they pass the bags on to Lost Property in the bowels of T3. Suggested we went home minus the bag, and phoned the number they helpfully gave us on an information sheet. Haha. The phone is either constantly engaged or rings out having been held in a queue. A helpful ansafone reminds you to check ‘found’ items online at ‘missing X’ and if you see an item that you think is yours you can generate an email and they will get back to you within 48 hours. Great in theory. I can assure you they don’t. 4 days later I drove to Heathrow and found the Lost Property office and gave the lovely helpful lady a list of all the electronic items and other sundry teenage hand luggage that was in the bag…she disappeared for 20 mins and although according to the website 3 mac book pro’s had been handed in at T3 in the last few days, she assured me none of them were my sons. Stalemate. What I really wanted to do was leap over the counter, smash the bullet proof glass and search the wretched shelves myself…instead I found myself gritting my teeth as I handed over 10 pounds for them to stamp and log a ‘missing items’ report which I will hopefully be able to glean some kind of compensation from insurance. Unfortunately the footage my son loves making, of his friends on their skateboards and scooters are irreplacable, and many are still on the lost camera and not even uploaded. My faith in human nature has been sadly dented…I was certain the finder would hand the bag in to the authorities. It seems this is not always easy – Lost Property are reluctant to take bags from strangers at airports during these high security times. Very frustrated and even had to pay another 4.70 for the hours car park! Lesson learned? do not under any circumstances use the hook on the back of the trolley!

There, I feel better now I’ve vented my spleen!


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  • 1. carolynpmb  |  April 25, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    Has recently just happened to me. Husband left bag on the hook on back of trolley in the car park. Despite calling the Heathrow lost property office numerous times over the last two weeks – no bag. Once when I called I descibed the bag to the lady – she went off and then came back and asked me what was in the bag getting my hopes up – but, alas, no bag. We had a hard drive in there with all our holiday photos on.

    Heathrow lost property office don’t seem to be able to log items properly as missingX which I have also checked every day is not updated enough at Heathrow. My faith in human nature had been dented too 😦


    • 2. debievans  |  April 25, 2013 at 12:59 pm

      Sorry to hear you had the same misfortune….the frustrating thing is they have a warehouse full of lost items and the inability to process them to reunite them with their owners! That and the fact they won’t accept handed in items from members of the public …hope it turns up…



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