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haha no this isn't my house!!

A massive decision has been taken….and I feel so much happier for it. I am ending my 20 year exile in Dubai and returning permanently to live in the Green and Pleasant. My exiled facebook friends have been very amusing in their comments ‘blimey the weather must have been good in the UK this week’ and so on….today its raining and I have a mad urge to run outside in it…that will pass I’m sure! But I am deliriously happy and busy planning. I hope to continue where I left off at the end of the Summer Term with ‘dragoning’ primary schools the length and breadth of the UK. I am still flying to Jakarta to Global Jaya school in September, and Bali for the UBUD writers conference, via Dubai to sort out/pack up some ‘stuff’. I wish my youngest son was as happy with the decision. He already has many friends at his new school and will settle easily I know. Its just the uncertainty of the unknown, and right now he’s pretty angry. Its a good time to move him however, as he goes into Year 10. Far easier now than later. So….green bin has to be ordered from the council, re-register with the local surgery, find tennis and rugby outlets for said son, find a singing group and reading group for me….buy a big woolly jumper and bed socks and sit back and watch the colours change to glorious Autumn for the first time in twenty years……. I will blog about life in and leaving the Theme Park once I have well and truly left!! Oh and rest assured, John and I will continue writing (we are planning book 6 right now) via email and Skype – thank goodness for technology!


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