An obsession with waterfalls….

July 7, 2011 at 11:00 pm 2 comments

Two months ago I was half drowned at Victoria Falls in Zambia; today more of the same at Ingleton.

Something has happened to me since I turned 50. More joie de vivre in spade loads, and a compulsion to be more impulsive than usual. I have always been a moment-seizer but today really took the biscuit. I had finished dragoning Blackburn schools mid morning and on recommendation, drove to Clitheroe to see the castle. I looked at the map (dangerous – am hopeless at things geographical) and thought I was near Settle and had a yearning to see a train. Put 3 hours on the car park ticket and then realised the train journey to Carlisle and back would take a bit longer than that. Picked up a leaflet at the station about Ingleton Waterfall Trail and asked the station master who said it was about 6 miles away.

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So here’s the impulsive bit…the rain is lashing down but I have my trusty walking boots in the car, plus Olivia’s (never worn) cagoul. I drive to Ingleton and pay my 5 pounds to do the 4 and a half mile walk. The man in the ticket booth thinks I’m barking mad but nothing will dissuade me. I have fond memories of attempting this steep and often slippery waterfall trail about 16 years ago when Olivia and Callum were very small. The man told us we couldn’t do it with a pushchair so we abandoned it and walked and only managed a mile or so to the first waterfall. I have been longing to return and complete the journey ever since – so what if it’s pouring with rain?! I am not a disprin.

The first bit was easy….walking through a leafy glen along the River Twiss with the rain dripping off the trees is quite invigorating…and then sight of the first waterfall…Pecca. Awesome. Swirling foam and rushing water – I started laughing out loud! There are steep steps to climb – it’s not for the fainthearted…and by the time I broke open ground at the top, crossing Raven Ray, it was just me and the elements. God was chucking everything at me. Even the Swaledale sheep were laughing. (Why do they kneel down to chomp the grass?) Absolutely soaked but euphoric and giggly. I was so wet I had a compulsion to take my clothes off and dance in the rain. Thankfully I squashed that thought – not that I would have been arrested…no one else was experiencing the Waterfall Trail that wet afternoon! Arriving back in Ingleton village some 2 hours later, the sun had come out and I was dying for a cup of tea. Peculiarly English tradition it seems – but all teashops shut at 5pm. A wonderful hair netted lady in a pinny took pity on me and kept her glorious tea room open and I enjoyed the best cup of Yorkshire’s finest, and a slice of home made custard tart to die for…well I’d earned it! For the pawltry sum of 3.40. One of life’s highlights, this afternoon was.


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Dragoning up North Leicester University revisited

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  • 1. YOM  |  July 8, 2011 at 11:31 am

    Lovely day and lovely pictures! I think the sheep must have short necks like warthogs!


  • 2. Sally  |  July 8, 2011 at 11:56 am

    Perhaps the sheep were praying for the rain to end! That custard tart sets my pulse racing (and those beautiful waterfalls).



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