Rolo finds an early Easter bunny




A lovely sunny morning and the smiley lady took me out early as she has a big yellow monster on the drive and she seems to be emptying the contents of the house into it. I’m keeping out of the way! Up poo alley we spied the trees breaking out in leaf and I pretended I didn’t see a young grouse ahead of me running on the path as I didn’t want to upset her.

When we got to St George’s, Preshute I spied a strange creature in the tree perhaps lost. I hope it will be reunited with its small owner before Easter!

The smiley lady went to great lengths to plant potatoes in her new raised beds. I soon realised this was not a game and that I wasn’t to dig up the treasure and ‘fetch’. Now there’s netting over them. Presumably to keep someone off. Next doors rabbits?

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Rolo spies a tractor


Out for our late afternoon stroll yesterday ‘what’s that coming over the hill is it a monster?’ No Rolo. It’s a tractor. No wonder the birds are flocking round the newly turned earth!

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Guess who’s back from his holiday

Well did ya miss me?! Spent the week with a golden retriever having lots of fun on new territory whilst the smiley lady went to Crete. Not much of a tan! I think she missed me though.

Great to be back on my territory… There’s a lapwing on the now ploughed field..the distinctive cry of ‘pee-wit’ and the aerial acrobatics! Blossoms out in the hedgerow.

This afternoon we planted some veg seeds in the strange dirt boxes in the back garden. I wanted to help with the covering with soil but she kept shouting at me and has wrapped the boxes in cling film and netting. I will be very surprised if anything grows! Oh and apparently she doesn’t want me watering it.



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Rolo to Binsted

Well today I sat in the car again and heard the smiley lady mention my name a few times in Binsted school where she was telling the children about my new book. I sat still, and didn’t set the car alarm off and was rewarded by meeting my fans in the playground.

On the way home we stopped at Ludgershall Castle and I found a cowslip. By the way that’s a dead leaf next to the flower not what you may think it is!! All for now, Rolo x




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According to Rolo…in Woodborough






Today I had a lovely romp on Hungerford Common…I found a tree to play fetch with but the smiley lady said it would be like tossing the caber. See what you think. Then we went to Woodborough Primary School where the children know her as the dragon lady from a previous visit..well now she’s the dog lady haha. I got bored sitting in the car..I could hear her telling the children about me so I started jumping around and set the beeper thingy off! Oops! Well my ploy worked as she came and carried me to the open doorway and my fans were chanting Ro-lo Ro-lo and I did my angel wing pose and basked in the adoration. Then I found myself bundled back in the car. A nice romp on Pewsey Downs on the way home though…it’s a dogs life…

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More Spring colour from Rolo







So I woke up in the warmth of Mothering Sunday sunshine on the sofa in the conservatory where I had been snoozing after lunch. There was my iPhone in my face…Rolo was trying to take a selfie with his Mum!!

What he really wanted was a walk though and look what we spied today! More Spring colour and the heady scent that assures us Winter is over.

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Rolo finds Spring colour

Rolo finds Spring colour whilst out walking…



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